Natalie Meyer

Having been raised by a father who was a professional photographer, passion for the art was almost a given.  She grew up with the smells of fixer and stop bath in her dad’s darkroom, always watching with keen interest when he developed his photographs.  It’s no wonder why she was always one to photograph friends at parties and events throughout high school, college and most recently activities with her toddler daughter.

Natalie started her career as a talent agent working with photographers during fashion editorial and commercial shoots.  Through her work in Project Management, Event Planning and Marketing, photography has always been an aspect of each role.

When Natalie met her husband, Ryan, at an event benefitting FotoFocus, she knew it was meant to be.  On their first date, she and Ryan took to the city on a scavenger hunt photo challenge and the rest is history.

In addition to photographer, Natalie wears the hat as a stay-at-home mom and Freelance Marketing consultant. Natalie is excited to share her love of photography with her husband in their venture together.

Ryan Meyer

From the moment Ryan was gifted his first camera, nearly 15 years ago, he has been studying the craft of photography with tireless obsession.

Starting with the basics of exposure and composition, he quickly found himself enthralled with the science of photography.  Honing his skills photographing the Salt Pans of Namibia, the landscapes of Ireland, the hustle of Hong Kong, and much more, Ryan became very aware of the nuances of capturing different subjects and different emotion.  That along with leading a 10+ year career in engineering, it’s no wonder Ryan’s understanding of the math and science behind the photograph leads hims to create the perfect shot.

Ryan’s love for photography grew exponentially when his daughter was born. She quickly become his favorite subject, amassing thousands of photographs during her first year and propelling him to focus on capturing the moments that express the love families have for one another.